bbG Rewards

Recommend and earn up to 30% commission

Recommend and earn up to 30% commission

We get clients, you get rewards, and they get awesome services!

bbG Rewards

If you have any friends or clients who require assistance, share with us. We will follow up and assess what is the right solution for their needs to determine the project cost. By bridging the gap, you will receive rewards from us as token of appreciation!

If you're ready to start earning rewards, send us a message and we'll get you enrolled!


How to start?

  1. Introduce your friends or clients to bbG.
  2. We will do the talking and the doing.

How Much Can I Make?

  1. You will earn 15% commission for every successful transaction from ANY products/services provided by bbG.
  2. On top of that, every month we are giving out additional 15% bonus for Reward Plus+ achiever.
bbG Rewards FAQ

bbG Rewards FAQ

Participate and Get Rewarded!

How does one recommend the products/services?
Provide a number of referral possibilities: recommend via email, a link, by sharing on social media networks or etc.
When will the reward be released and how much will it be?
How does one receive reward?
Any reason a referral reward might be delayed or cancelled?
Is there a limit to how much one can earn?
Can I get paid in advance for a referral?
How does one find out if a referral was successful?
Referrer will be notified via email of the project's status.
How to become Reward Plus+ achiever?
Does referring make me an employee?
Are all bbG products/services eligible for this program?
Does this cost anything?
Where to find detailed information about bbG Rewards?
(*) By sharing links, you agree to the "bbG Rewards Terms & Conditions".

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